Yavuz Selim Önder (Hochkant).jpg

Yavuz Selim Önder

Assessor & Co-Founder

"With my IT knowledge I contribute to the development of our project to support the establishment of youth parliaments."

Yavuz was born in the Westphalian town of Hamm to parents of Turkish origin and after completing his technical diploma begun studying computer science. In his early high school years, he met Arian Aghashahi and realised that due to his extraordinary nature, he would work with him in future. For some time, he has been an important member of the Junge Union Hamm, he has been playing Shotokan Karate for over 12 years and produces music under the name "Kirmar Productions". His interests are Music, IT, gaming, sports & real estate. One could therefore jokingly call him a universal genius. He is a founding member of the Initiative Jugendparlament and is open to everyone for ideas and questions.