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Tim Teßmann, MdL

Mitglied des Beirates

"I think it's important that young people are given the chance to participate and to
stand up for their generation. We need more young people in local
local parliaments, state parliaments and the Bundestag. They bring views that are
worth listening to and including in decision-making processes."

Together with his siblings, Tim Teßmann grew up in rural Saxony-Anhalt. At the age of 20, he was elected to the city council for the first time and at 31 to the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt. After an apprenticeship as an administrative assistant Tim Teßmann studied part-time B.A. in social work. He is currently working on his master's thesis in the course in social structural change and digitization.

Tim Teßmann came to politics through his sports club. First as a youth coach, then and finally deputy club chairman, he also wanted to have a say in politics as well. He organized numerous youth camps, charity tournaments and other events in his region. The social sector and the rural area have become his
theme. Especially the care of all generations is an important one for him.