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Tim Alexander

Coordinateur North Rhine-Westphalia

"The young generation forms the foundation of our future coexistence. That is why their voice deserves special weight. With the help of youth parliaments, their voice can be represented and thus be heard more than it often has been in the past."

I was born in 2000 and have lived in my hometown of Bad Salzuflen ever since. After passing my specialized baccalaureate for economics and administration and the associated additional examination as a state-certified commercial assistant for business administration, I have been a trainee industrial clerk since 2020. I have been involved in politics since my early youth and eventually joined the Junge Union and later the CDU at the age of 15. I am currently involved in politics as chairman of the Junge Union Bad Salzuflen, for example, and as a member of the executive boards of the Schüler- und Auszubildenden Union Nordrhein-Westfalen and the CDU Bad Salzuflen.
I firmly believe that it is crucial for young people to have a voice and a say in deciding the future. I myself have been a member of the council of my hometown since the last local elections, a spa town, mind you, in which a lot has been invested in the areas of health, spa services and culture in recent years, but very little in the areas of youth. For this reason in particular, I am now fighting in the city council, together with our new mayor, for the establishment of an annual youth forum and a youth parliament, so that young people can be heard, contribute their ideas in an uncomplicated way and help shape their home.