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Sophia Zerbo

Deputy chairwoman

"We all benefit from the youth being involved in politics. To make this possible, we need to make politics accessible to younger people."

Founding member, deputy chairman and always open to hear your questions and suggestions. For Sophia, the idea of a youth parliament is the key to making youth participation tangible and thus something she follows with passion. Since the beginning of 2016 she has been involved with HammSPD and has been part of the Juso board for three years. She is well connected in Hamm's political landscape and as a party functionary at the communal and state level she is always on the move. As a trained administrative employee, you are well positioned in matters of local politics and law, and you have to expand your knowledge. Youth issues are very important to Sophia. Therefore she supports an AWO youth organization in Hamm and tries to offer young people a place of retreat.