Prof. Dr. Janine Linßer.jpg

Prof. Dr. Janine Linßer

Member of the advisory board

"In society, we should take young people's desire to participate seriously and create opportunities for real participation."

Janine Linßer is a professor at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences with a focus on youth research. Formerly active in school social work, she is aware of young people's interest in social and political issues and is therefore happy to advocate for strengthening young people's opportunities for participation.

"Many young people are very interested in politics and attach great importance to their own political involvement, as shown, for example, by the current Shell Youth Study 2019. In society, we should take young people seriously in their desire for participation and create opportunities for real participation. After all, today's politically and socially engaged young people are tomorrow's adults, who will help us move forward with their involvement in associations or municipal committees."