The promotion of the political participation of young people is a quintessentially democratic concern. By no means is it a partisan issue, but rather a matter that affects the all the citizens. In this respect, as a non-profit association, we are very happy to have the support of a wide variety of partners who stand by our side and thus depict the importance of this topic. Without your support, it would not be possible, for us to be able to achieve our goals.

Strategic Cooperations

European Union – Erasmus+

The validity of the underlying values of our goals is in no way restricted to state borders Modalities of democratic participation are typically the subject of discourse in Western societies Due to this, the financial and non-material support that we have received from the European Union illustrates a confirmation of our work for which we are very thankful.

Youth council Liechtenstein

Funding provided by the European Union enables us to enter into a strategic partnership with the Liechtenstein Youth Council. Under this cooperation, we will not only talk about the promotion of political participation of young people but take tangible action. Therefore, we are happy to organise a wide variety of events together with our colleagues from the Youth Council, which young people from both countries are able to attend. In this way, we also contribute to the networking of young European minds and the exchange of intercultural ideas.

Wissenschaftsjahr 2022 - Nachgefragt!

The Wissenschaftsjahr 2022 - Nachgefragt! is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), which brings citizens or civil society organizations into exchange with actors from politics, administration and science on scientific issues. The aim is to integrate the jointly developed issues and topics into research policy and research. As a promoter of the interests of young people in political work, we are very pleased to be part of this initiative.

Startsocial e.V.

We are proud that the initiative is supported by startsocial and that we thus receive a four-month consulting grant. We are pleased to be able to further develop our organization within the framework of this valuable support. Startsocial is supported by:

- Allianz Deutschland AG
- Deutsche Bank AG
- ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
- McKinsey & Company

Dachverband der Jugendgemeinderäte Baden

Dachverband der Jugendgemeinderäte

We support our partner, the Dachverband der Jugendgemeinderäte Baden-Württemberg e.V. (umbrella organization of youth councils in Baden-Württemberg). The Dachverband der Jugendgemeinderäte Baden-Württemberg was founded in 1993 as the first state-wide association of youth councils in Germany. Since then, it has represented the interests and concerns of Baden-Württemberg's youth vis-à-vis politics, the media and society.

Youth Lead the Change Germany

We support our partner, Youth Lead the Change Germany.

Funding Partners

Volksbank Logo.png

Förderfonds Demokratie

We would like to thank the Förderfonds Demokratie for the financial support of our association.

The Förderfonds Demokratie is a joint initiative of several German foundations:

- Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.
- Deutsche Telekom Stiftung
- Körber Stiftung
- Schöpflin Stiftung

- Bertelsmann Stiftung
- Gerda Henkel Stiftung
- Robert Bosch Stiftung
- Stiftung Mercator

Stiftung Bildung

We are grateful that the Youth Parliament initiative is being supported by the Education Foundation's "Thinking Democracy Ahead" fund. This call for proposals supports activities that aim to strengthen education, diversity and democracy in schools and daycare centers.


We would like to thank the Claussen-Simon-Stiftung for the financial support of our association, which takes place as part of the tender "Make the difference". The Initiative Jugendparlament e.V. is funded for making a positive contribution in the area of "Education & School".

Dortmunder Volksbank

We would like to thank the Dortmunder Volksbank for granting us financial support as part of their member promotion campaign and are happy that we are well networked in our home region.

Ideal Cooperations

ISPEC e.V..png
Stadt-Schulpflegschaft Hamm Logo.png
myBuddy Logo.png
DiDem Logo.png


We are pleased about our cooperation with ISPEC e.V.. This connects young people from a wide variety of backgrounds who share a common interest in politics, business and culture.

Stadtschulpflegschaft Hamm

In promoting the political participation of young people, we pursue the ideal of strengthening our democracy as a whole. In this respect, the experiences and subsequent imprints of different generations also play an important role in achieving social satisfaction. Therefore, we are very pleased to cooperate with the Stadtschulpflegschaft Hamm in order not to neglect the perspective of parents.


We are happy about our cooperation with myBuddy UG. This promotes cultural empathy in our society, as this contributes to the exploitation of the future potential that lies in our country.

DiDem - Digitale Demokratieförderung UG

We support our partner, the DiDem - Digitale Demokratieförderung UG.