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Malte Zemlin

State Coordinator Schleswig-Holstein

"Youth participation in the form of youth parliaments is
underrepresented. Youth parliaments must be promoted to give the young generation a voice.

Malte Zemlin was born in Pinneberg in 2004. He is currently a student at a vocational high school. He expects to graduate from high school in 2024.

He only recently began his political involvement. He gained his first experience as a student representative at his school. He stood for election as a member of the state student council, was delegated, and was thus able to gain his first political impressions. Since Malte is an advocate of liberalism, he is a member of the Free Democrats and their youth organization, the Young Liberals, as well as in their supporting organization, the Liberal Students SH.

"With my commitment within the initiative youth parliament I hope that the cooperation between individual youth parliaments is promoted. In particular in Schleswig-Holstein. Because cooperation can provide many impulses that ultimately help to promote representative democracy."