Leonie Philine Mohr (Hochkant).jpg

Leonie Philine Mohr

State Coordinator Schleswig-Holstein

"Open political discourse is at the heart of democracy, and young people should also be involved in this at an early age."

The will to help shape the political process in my country, to play an active role myself and to create a better future have shaped my entire life.

This was also the reason for my decision to study law, to deal with and discuss the political opinions of people from all backgrounds, whether on a legal or social level, and thus to form a well-founded, diverse opinion.

My interest in better understanding people, their different cultures and demands on society led me to travel around the world and study abroad in the USA.

The insight I gained from this is that our social coexistence, our politics, our democracy, works best when people are given the chance to participate in it as early as possible. That's exactly why I want to get involved in offering young people a political platform so that they can engage in political discourse with each other and express their opinions.