Leonie Herwarth von Bittenfeld.jpg

Leonie Herwarth von Bittenfeld

Head of Acquisition

"Those who are too smart to get involved in politics are punished by being governed by people dumber than they are."

Leonie Herwarth von Bittenfeld was born in 1992 in the state capital Wiesbaden (Hesse). After successfully completing her studies in law and economics with the First and Second State Law Examinations as well as a Master of Arts for Legal Professionals (EBS University of Business and Law), she currently works as an in-house lawyer at one of the four largest auditing firms in Germany.

She was interested in social, economic and political issues from an early age and became involved, among other things, as a class and school representative during her school years and today in her professional life as a contact person for young applicants and colleagues; equal opportunities and gender equality are matters close to her heart.

Through her involvement in the initiative, she hopes to promote political awareness and political participation among young people, especially against the backdrop of demographic change - at the last federal election, one in seven eligible voters was under 30 and one in five eligible voters was over 70.