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Janek Bruno Werner

Leiter internationale Zusammenarbeit (Focal Point Iboamerikanische Räume)

"We live in a society of singularities. At the same time, unfortunately we often witness a short-lived and hysterical debate culture. A decent, democratic culture of debate builds bridges and creates understanding. The Youth Parliament Initiative makes an important contribution towards these aims, especially, but not only, for young people!"

Janek Bruno Werner was born in London, UK and grew up there as well as in Northern Germany. He first studied law in Berlin and then completed his bachelor's degree in cultural studies at the European University Viadrina. His main fields of study were social and historical sciences and his thesis on Central America in the 1980s, based on interviews with contemporary witnesses, made a generic contribution to the research into the history of the Cold War within the region.


In addition, he spent a semester at Queen's University Belfast, UK, where - in the midst of the "Brexit" turmoil - he studied international relations and history. He also obtained a postgraduate specialization in geopolitics and international relations at the Barcelona Institute for International Studies. This thematic focus now accompanies him in his master’s degree studies in global diplomacy at SOAS University of London.


Accompanying his studies, he worked for a member of the Berlin state assembly for more than a year and completed various internships, amongst others with the Federal Foreign Office and the German Bundestag. He currently resides primarily in Honduras, where he works on various projects and writes a weekly opinion-column on political issues published by the country's largest daily newspaper.