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Garry Lazovskis

Press & Media Team

"I want to give every young person the opportunity to learn more about the political facts of today. Youth are not just a part of the future, they are the future."

Garry Lazovskis (17) is a high school student and co-founder of SocialSpark, a creative agency founded in Frankfurt/Main in January 2021. SocialSpark helps companies position themselves on social media in a targeted and sustainable way with the help of studies and creative campaigns. He was born in 2004 in Berlin into a Latvian-Jewish family. He is currently completing his high school diploma. After the summer, he will begin his studies in international business administration.
In his school environment, Garry repeatedly had to deal with young people who were not really interested in current political issues. He wants to change that with the help of his experience and various creative ideas.