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Francesco Ruben Giuliano

Deputy Chairman

"Willy Brandt once said, dare more democracy. Especially in these times, we realize how important our democracy is. For me, daring more democracy also means letting young committed people in particular take part in the debate. That's what I'm committed to."

Politics and communication are true passions for me. Unfortunately, however, I have been experiencing for some time that many have the feeling that the gap between politics on the one hand and citizens on the other is widening. With my podcast Politik mit Stil I would like to change that and build a bridge between both actors. Because politics should be significantly influenced by the citizens and not the other way around.
I first became actively involved in politics when I was 14 years old. Because I was curious and wanted to learn more, I started accompanying members of parliament in their work and was thus able to take a first look behind the scenes. Now, among other things, I work for a member of the Bundestag and, as a result, I get the chance to see politics up close every day.
But I don't just want young people to be able to observe. Young people should also be able to shape things. Because they are the future. That's what drives me, and that's why I'm involved in the Youth Parliament initiative.