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Dr. Georg Schulze Zumkley

Mitglied des Beirates


"Visions are strategies of action. This is what distinguishes them from utopias. Vision includes courage, strength and the willingness to realise them. (Roman Herzog)"

Dr. Georg Schulze Zumkley is a father, husband, diplomat and foreign policy advisor. Before joining the Foreign Service in 2003, he worked as a business lawyer. From 2004 to 2006 he worked in the legal department of the Federal Foreign Office. He then became deputy head of the Public Diplomacy Department of the German Embassy in Washington, which was honoured by the US Congress for services to German-American friendship. After working as a consultant for foreign and security policy in the German Bundestag, he and his family traveled to Beijing from 2012 to 2015. Dr. Schulze Zumkley then belonged to the core team of the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Defense, which promoted the common security and defense policy of the European Union in 2016-2018. In the 19th legislative period, he was deputy head of the parliamentary and cabinet department of the Federal Foreign Office, building bridges between the Bundestag and the executive branch and responsible for mandating foreign missions of the Bundeswehr through parliament.

Dr. Schulze Zumkley wants to serve the peace of the world in a united Europe - and inspire young people for this mandate of the Basic Law.