Arian Aghashahi (Hochkant).jpg

Arian Aghashahi

Chairman & Co-Founder

"To be a part of an impartial team, that ensues a social goal, is the fundamental motivation for me to lead the Initiative Jugendparlament."

Due to my bicultural socialisation, I grew up with social contradictions. What was true at home was by no means appropriate at school. At first glance this may seem like a conflict, yet it is the fundamental fabric of our social order. Inherently, the DNA of a democratic society based on the rule of law is shaped by discourse and even strife.
The Initiative Jugendparlament represents a constructive contribution between the societal poles. Young people are given the opportunity to assert their right to express their opinion and participate in politics in a modern, networked and representative manner, without being in conflict with essential norms such as compulsory schooling.
Working on this project as part of an impartial team is the foundation of my motivation for founding and managing the Initiative Jugendparlament e.V..