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Anthea Reeb

State Coordinator Baden-Württemberg

"Today's youth are not apolitical. But youth need to see an impact of their own actions, otherwise it's not fun and meaningful in the long run. That's what I like to advocate for!"

As an elected youth spokesperson in her hometown, Anthea Reeb initiated the introduction of a youth community council and was an invited guest at the state parliament session on youth participation in Baden-Württemberg in 2021.
She is a student representative at a Mannheim high school and is involved in her school as a school paramedic, media paramedic and volunteer at the One World Shop for the school community, among other things. She is also a participant in the Schülerkolleg International of the class of 2021/2022 and will spend a year representing Germany as a junior ambassador in the U.S. as a PPP scholarship holder of the German Bundestag in 2022/2023.
For her, it is extremely beneficial for democracy in Germany if young people are able to represent their concerns in a political context and if these concerns are taken seriously by established political actors. For her, youth participation also means that young people themselves become active and stand up for their goals - and that they try to overcome resistance. She is happy to advocate for this on both a small and a large scale.