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Andreas Sturm, MdL

Mitglied des Beirates

"There is only one thing that is more expensive in the long run than education: no education. (John F. Kennedy)"

Andreas Sturm, born in 1986, is a member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament. 

After studying English and Protestant theology in Mainz and Cambridge, Sturm worked as a student counciler at a school in southern Hesse, and he also worked on the curriculum at the Hessian Ministry of Culture and the Hessian Teachers' Academy. His great passion is literature, especially William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. The book author regularly gives lectures ("The Shakespeare Principle: 13 Ways to Success") and organises the "Dinner with Shakespeare". 

Since his youth, Andreas Sturm has been politically active, first as chairman of the Junge Union Hockenheim, then as a district board member of the Junge Union Rhein-Neckar. 

In local politics, he has been a councilor in his home municipality in North Baden since 2009, and has also been the deputy mayor since the last local election in 2019. 

Andreas Sturm wants to combine his professional background as a teacher with his interest in local politics in the state parliament, which is why education policy is the focus of his political work. In addition to the education committee, Sturm is a member of the science committee, where he acts as  cultural policy spokesman, and is also a member of the social committee.