Not against each other, but with each other: A contribution to defusing the generation conflict between Young and Old, by promoting constructive will formation among young people

Shaping democracy.

  Create the future.  

The Initiative Jugendparlament stands for the socio-political participation of young people whilst working hand in hand with local officials and administration to promote the creation of so-called youth parliaments.

Our goals

The aim of our initiative is to promote the socio-political participation of young people. This goal is to be achieved in particular with the creation of so-called youth parliaments, since such an organizational structure has been successful in many parts of Germany. Following the example of already existing youth parliaments, the youth parliaments we sponsor represent municipal bodies that were brought into being by means of a non-partisan consensual approach. In this respect we are by no means initiating youth parliaments as a one-sidedly partisan matter but as a civil societal issue. These youth parliaments should consist of a body made up of students with the ability to make decisions that have a direct impact on youth.

Our approach should offer young people a platform and create opportunities for them to get involved in debates. Motivation and enthusiasm for social participation, basic democratic values and current topics should also be conveyed. The to be founded youth parliaments are not partisan youth representatives, but rather impartial and independent bodies that can exercise freedom of action within clearly defined limits. Through democratic elections its members should be elected from the student body of secondary schools.

All political parties have concerns on gaining new members and therefore want to represent the interests of young people. Political parties are less and less able to retain young people permanently. This is a serious threat to democracy. Therefore, the more project-oriented involvement of young people must be accommodated. In a youth parliament, they are taken seriously and experience that their opinion has value.

Civil society participants benefit from the participation of young people. The communes can fulfill their statutory duty of participation. Local politics benefits from the view of young people who ask questions about the future and come up with solutions. Schools cooperate with new partners and expand their field of action through practical implementation. The young people benefit when they can discuss their interests and, last but not least, society as a whole benefits as the effects of a youth parliament contributes to relaxation between different generations.

The Initiative Jugendparlament e.V. was officially founded in 2019 and started its work. With a board of seven people with different social and political backgrounds, we want to be an impartial and non-partisan force for change.